Barley Guidelines 10/30/2019

1.      Company Point of Contact: Milton K Benjamin 856 3547692


2.      Describe what your company does (products and services)See 1 Pager


3.      How your mission relates to Naval Aviation?We expedite the development of avionics,

and any other system that involves software, hardware, procurement and maintenance.

4.      Product Commercially Available: Product is very specific, tuned to customerís needs.So product is

not off-the-shelf.Product Depends on customerís requirements and is tuned to each individual customer.


5.      Intellectual Property Rights?: Negotiatiable


6.      Product utilized with or on any other DOD, government or commercial platform?Product derives from higher levels

of abstraction of customerís requirements, called frameworks.It is likely that some government entity uses frameworks to better manage their knowledge-based endeavors.However, they have not made us aware.A few frameworks in common usage is AWS, Angular JS, .net and TensorFlow.

7.      Quantitative data on product performance?Developed the avionics for the F84 Advanced Fighter Jet almost 35 Years ago at a cost of about 70% less than the usual methods of confining 100 software developers and engineers in a room and letting them proceed from start to finish.The Framework we developed to perform this feat was called Navastir. A description can be found at

8.      Small Business Certifications. ††Our methodologies require far fewer people than any ordinary business to perform the

functions our customers need.Because of automation, 2 or 3 of the right people are adequate in many cases.Therefore, we donít have Employees, but Associates, who come on board as needed.