The Barkley Group, LLC. - Interactive Reports


We can use Mathematica and other software to implement "out of the box" capabilities in our systems such as:

    1) Ability to develop Mathematica Notebooks in many different natural languages.

    2) Ability to translate Mathematica Notebooks from one natural language to another.

    3) Ability to enable the development of Interactive Reports containing a number of input variables. If any of the input variables are modified, the changes in the dependencies (numeric data, tables, graphs, images and other abstractions ) are propagated through the Report almost instantaneously.

    4) Ability to take dictation and convert it to text..

    5) Ability to take text and convert it to spoken words.

    6) Ability to merge multiple photographs of a scene and merge them into a photograph with a much higher spatial resolution than the individual photographs.

    7) Ability to merge multiple image files into a composite image file (even for 3D images).

    8) Ability to handle big data using using a link to a Hadoop Cluster.

    9) Ability to parallelize big calculations and run the pieces on multiple processors of the same computer or much faster on a Graphics Processing Unit.

    10) Ability to easily perform AI calculations with much less effort than it would take using TensorFlow or pyTorch and their Python Libraries.

    11) Ability to import data from Excel Spread sheets, Web Pages, and many other formats for further processing.

    12) Ability to export data in formats known to Mathematica to output files. These files can be generated in many user selected optional formats such as Excel, .pdf, .,word, .html, etc..

    13) Ability to use Mathematica to easily solve Algebraic, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations.

    14) Ability export the solution in 13) to C++.

    15) Ability to build an intuitive Man-Machine interface to an Interactive Report using Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Sliders and other constructs.

    16) Ability to solve some Biological problems using Computatinal Biology.

    17) Many other capabilities too numerous to mention here.