D)                        Artificial Intelligence Interesting Projects


1)   Fly over a city when outside temperature is 20 degrees or below, with infrared cameras and take pictures of the buildings so the outer surface temperatures of each building can be determined. From that information buildings which are good candidates for retrofit wall insulation can be identified with insulation costs and expected fuel savings.


2)   Develop software frameworks for writing military software with much fewer lines of code than the ordinary programing languages like CMS2 or C++.   Such frameworks could be patterned after Artificial Intelligence frameworks like Tensorflow or pyTorch with python.  Some ideas could be found in a system Dr. Milton K Benjamin and Fred B Six developed at Singer Corporation for writing avionics software called: Navastir.  Techniques used  in Navastir could save the Military billions and greatly improve the quality of Military Software.  This effort can be shown to be unequivocally successful, producing complex and working military software for 10%, or less, of the cost of the usual methods.