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Cost of Software

I          Software costs depend on 4 factors.  Software is:


1        It is very difficult to tell what a program does without studying it in detail.

2        There are thousands of ways to write a computer program to perform the same task.


1        It takes many lines of code to accomplish even simple tasks.

2        Many computer programs in common usage are more than 1 million lines of code.

3        There is currently over 3,500 identifiable computer program languages in common usage.


1        The numerical values that a computer program calculates can represent many different physical things.

2        Different problems can often be solved by the same computer program.  This indicates that the connection between the numbers that flow through a computer program must be made to the real world by the user. Thus, the user must navigate another layer of abstraction to correctly interpret the results.

        Error Prone

1        There is a natural rate of error inserted by the software developer when he/she enters the code into a terminal.

2        Developers often find it difficult to correctly interpret ambiguous software requirements.  This results in computer programs that do not represent the intentions of the specifications writer or customers.
II       Any software or development technique that reduces the impact of items a) to d) above will reduce the cost of developing software.