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  • Software Technologies

  • C C++ C# Java python R Tensorflow pyTorch keras numpy Theano Jupyter-Notebook Google-Colab
  • Mathematica-Notebook Mathcad Mathlab Fortran PHP HTML CSS Javascript
  • CMS2-Y/L/M Direct Code Assembler Plugin development or many of the existing IDE’s
  • Programming Language Development & Syntactic Sugar for existing programming languages
  • lex, yacc.
  • Other Technologies

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    Recent Products

    Products Developed: (While an AEGIS C &D Engineer)

    A program that verifies that FILE, FUNCTION, and CLASS commenting standards are met by the developers. SAN II supports multiple programming languages in the same or in multiple files. Adding another language involves adding code that supports only differences between what is already there and the new language.

    A system that counts Source Lines of Code (SLOCS) in multiple programing languages.  New languages are added by writing an SMT script (META description) of how SLOCs are to be counted in a programming language. Currently more than 25 distinct programming languages are supported and others are being added on a monthly basis.

    A Framework for developing AEGIS software in a non-MTASS/CMS2 environment.  This Framework included CMS-2 to C/C++ and/or Ada compilers.  The user can step through the CMS2 code in the gnu debugger (gdb) on a UNIX work station, and inspect values of variables.  The underlying language is C/C++, but the developer sees only CMS2. in the debugger window.
    This 86,000 line tool also can instrument the resulting C++/C program with additional lines of code.  These additional lines of code perform can one or more of the following functions:  test coverage, cross profiling for the UNISYS UYK series of computers. While running on an UNIX Work Station, checking consistency of engineering units and dimensions as the CMS-2 executes, the retargeter was used extensively across all of AEGIS to capture CMS-2 as C/C++, and has saved AEGIS at least $100 million and possibly as much as $900 million over the last number of years.


    This system provides multiple ways to view the information generated during a UYKxx computer memory dump.  The Dump Analyzer voted best tool in its class.


    A Framework and Meta-Programming system for developing and testing Navigation, Steering and Guidance computer programs.  The Navastir Framework provided for a 500% improvement in productivity in the development of navigation and guidance computer software




    A family of translators which convert ACSIS/ACP menus to OASIS menus.  A fully mature afd2me tool would convert a single baseline of 1200 ACP menus to OASIS menus in about 10 minutes.  The latest BOE for this task for a single ACP/OASIS baseline is $21 million.  When the conversion of many ACP baselines is needed, the afd2me is the only affordable approach.


    Compiler and Compter Language Development:



    Computer Languages and Tools:



    Frameworks & Plugins:



    Computers and Operating Systems:



    Modeling and Simulation:



    Prosal Writing:



    Company Experience:


    The Barkley Group


    ·      Framework development for knowledge-based systems: software, hardware, process, maintenance … .

    Development of a system that accepts and instruments a program to propagate properties of variables (like engineering units/dimensions) through a program to make sure that the results have the expected properties and the systems engineering/program produce the correct results.


    Automated Process Surveys


    ·     Web site development.

    ·     Specialized in developing mathematical models of equipment in the pyro-processing and power generation industries.

    ·     Developed a model of industrial and power generation boilers in MathCad, Mathematica and java

    ·      Maintenance of a 100,000-line rotary kiln modeling program to handle new types of kilns and products.

    ·     Developed models of the lifting and mixing process for kilns and dryers. Please click here for more info.


    Lockheed Martin MS2 Moorestown, New Jersey



    Singer Corporation, Little Falls, NJ


    ·         Developed a Framework and Meta-programming system (Navastir) for specifying the desired behaviors of navigation, guidance and steering computer programs for Inertial Navigation Computers.  Result was a documented 500% improvement in productivity in developing Inertial Navigation Unit Computer Software.


    Consultant Benec Inc:



    Ebasco Services, New York City


    ·         Developed software concepts and software to automate the operations of nuclear   plants.

    ·         Identified job candidates, perform interviews and made hiring decisions for my dept.

    ·         Supported installation and maintenance of Ebasco Software Products at the customer’s site.

    ·         Supported customer’s technical staff on how to use Ebasco products.


    City University of NY