The Barkley Group approaches system development and problem solving at a much higher level of abstraction than most engineers. Because of this, our products are less expensive, available in a timelier fashion, and more interoperable with systems built using our technologies.

We use Artificial Intelligence to analyze customer's historical data and help predict expected costs of future systems. Our predictions are based on dependencies determined by initial analysis using neural nets.

We can help our customer acquire or develop Frameworks (software, systems, procurement, maintenance, etc., frameworks) to help better manage any knowledge-based endeavor. Please see link for extensive discussions of what various types of frameworks are and how they work. We also identify some of the best developers, who make many less errors per keystroke, when developing the lower level libraries which support each framework.

We also develop software in most modern programming languages and know how to integrate multi-language systems into a single product.

We also know about syntactic sugar which enables development of applications using fewer lines of code in any programming language.