NAVAIR Small Business Roundtable 2019

Wednesday October 30

9:30AM to 4:30 PM

Toms River NJ, 08753

Detailed Capability Statement


The Barkley Group approaches system development and problem solving at a much higher level of abstraction than most engineers.  Because of this, our products are less expensive, available in a timelier fashion, and more interoperable with systems built using our technologies.


We use Artificial Intelligence to analyze customer’s historical data and help predict expected costs of future systems.  Our predictions are based on dependencies determined by initial analysis using neural nets.


We can help our customer acquire or develop Frameworks (software, systems, procurement, maintenance, etc., frameworks) to help better manage any knowledge-based endeavor.  Please see link for extensive discussions of what various types of frameworks are and how they work.  We also identify some of the best developers, who make many less errors per keystroke, when developing the lower level libraries which support each framework.


We also develop software in most modern programming languages and know how to integrate multi-language systems into a single product. 


We also know about syntactic sugar which enables development of applications using fewer lines of code in any programming language.


Why should I use frameworks?


Frameworks are not necessary: they are “just” one of the tools that are available to help you develop better and faster!


Better, because frameworks provide you with the certainty that you are developing an application that is in full compliance with the business rules, that are structured, and that are both maintainable and upgradable.


Faster, because it allows developers to save time by re-using generic software, hardware and systems modules in order to focus on other areas.  Without, however, ever being tied to any of the frameworks themselves.


Investing in the task, not the Technology


This is the basic principle of frameworks: Not having to reinvent the wheel.  And doing away with foreboding, low value-added tasks (for example, the development of generic components) in order to fully focus on the user requirements.


As an example, frameworks will keep the developer from having to spend 2-3 days creating authentication forms (which are not specific tasks). The time that is saved can be dedicated to more specific components and process steps as well as the corresponding unit tests; giving you solid, sustainable and high-quality products.


Guaranteed Upgradability and Maintenance


In the longer term, a framework ensures the longevity of your applications.  If a development team works as they please, only that team will be able to maintain and upgrade the application with ease.  The way that a publisher supports a proprietary solution.


On the other hand, the structure that frameworks provide for the applications and processes make it possible to avoid the pitfall altogether and it gives any developer ( whether they participated in its development or not) the ability to easily “adopt” an application, to maintain it over time, and to upgrade it both quickly and neatly.


In this regard, frameworks are not black boxes! In the case of Symphony and other tools, it is still PHP or other languages…  The applications that are developed are not limited to one universe, and they are interoperable with any other library, for example.




·       Frameworks are not absolute necessities, but they are nonetheless very useful.

·       Frameworks are a pledge of quality, upgradability and maintainability of applications at lower cost.

·       Applications developed using frameworks are interoperable with different military standards which were developed using these frameworks.  This makes it possible to nicely integrate Navy, Air Force, and Army Systems.


Fake technology?


For reasons unknown, a lot of fake technology appears on the web and in the literature.  Most likely, fake technological papers are placed on the web or in the literature by 1) enemy agents trying to subvert our development of complex warfare systems, 2) defense contractor trying to keep open the spigot of government funds to enrich themselves.


Developing complex systems unknowingly using fake technology, which is not supported by the physics of the process, is almost a guarantee of cost overruns and failure. 


Any competent physicist should be able to identify fake technology, because fake technology does not comport with the laws of physics.  These laws have been tested over the millennia, and have been proven correct time and time again.  For instance, any model whose use results in the reduction of the entropy of the universe is incorrect, because universe entropy always increases when you perform any operation.


The Barkley Group has a number of physicist associates.